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EarlyBird is for

  • Individuals lacking design or development skills
  • Entrepreneurs operating simple online businesses
  • Startups seeking the perfect product-market fit

EarlyBird is NOT for

  • Developers aiming to build complex web applications
  • Businesses requiring bespoke website designs
  • Those requiring advanced customizations and integrations

Stop wasting time and money at early stage

How long could it take to launch a business?

It could range from a week to a year, depending on the individual.

And how much would it cost?

It could cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, or even more.

It's important to be mindful of your time and money when starting a business. You don't want to regret wasting either of them.

So what if you could build a landing page in 10 minutes to test if people are truly interested in what you are creating?

Read our story 👉 how we built a side project in 16 hours with EarlyBird

Avoid burning time and money at early stage

How EarlyBird works

A brief demonstration of how most people would use EarlyBird.

Create your own minimum-viable-product landing page

Build a landing page

Easily build a simple landing page for your idea in minutes from a template. Seek no help from a designer or developer.

Channel your idea into a convincing pitch deck for the masses

Market your idea

Transform your idea into a compelling pitch deck that interests your audience. Spend less time creating copies.

Start engaging with potential buyers and communities

Validate the idea

Start engaging with potential customers. Validate the demand for your product and accept payments before launch.

People really love EarlyBird

They even put in extra effort to express how much they adore crafting their landing pages on EarlyBird.
Love it. We need more tools like these to validate products/ideas/reach much faster without building full blown products. Good work!!
Abhimanyu Ghoshal
Lead Content Strategist at Hashnode
I've been looking for a simple tool to place copy on a web page in different blocks and see how it all flows. This makes it real easy to do that quickly, and I love how it works for this use case.
在一些场景下,解决问题的路径比较相似,恰好也能抽象出一个可配置的工具来实现该路径,这就可以孕育出一个 No Code 产品。 比如 @LuoBaishun 开发的 EarlyBird,在构建 Landing Page 这个特定问题上提供了一个用 No Code 实现的通用路径。
Richard Frantzen
Richard Frantzen
Virtual Production Director & Producer @virtualstarstudios
Great product. Looking forward to trying it out. I’m pretty much done with my little tool I’m going to release for sale to my niche audience. I see your product as a perfect tool for me to use as the landing page for that which can be a real contender winning over for example Gumroad.
Feb 01, 2023
Hanna Z
This product is right on time for my recent launch - super easy to use n straightforward. Thanks and Congrats!!!
James Brauer
James Brauer
Future-Focused Digital Creator
Great work on the EarlyBird launch! I was able to register an account with ease and get a landing page up and running within minutes. Unreal!
Aug 02, 2023
Ariel Orbach
CTO at User1st
🙌 This is such a cool solution! I'm always a fan of no-code platforms that can help me get to market/production faster, and this one fits the bill without any overhead or need for a pro role 💪.
Rando Tkatsenko
Rando Tkatsenko
Earlybird is the fastest and easiest way to setup a clean and professional landing page for any product or service. I have used many website builders before and most are a headache to use. I create landing pages with Earlybird for my mobile apps within 10-15 minutes. Earlybird does not require any complex setups or coding knowledge. It's simple to use and does what it promises, without any hassle. Recommend to anyone looking to get a great looking website up as fast as possible.
Feb 10, 2023
Adetokunbo Abiola
CE0 at Adetokunbo Sees
👍Great idea. Great tool. Great vision. Congrats on the launch of a product with a great conception. Now I can validate my idea without great problems.
Advait Vaidya
Founder at Hubbleform
Congrats on the launch! Love the idea. ==The tool is quite powerful==. I would really like to deploy a full landing page on my domain address using this tool.
Nguyễn Trung
Graphic Designer and 2D Illustrator
As a graphic designer /2D illustrator that has almost no code background, I'm pleased with what I see, easy to use with instructions and UI is not too crowded with tons of functions but focus on what's essential. I'll definitely keep Earlybird in mind for my upcoming small business.
Gerry Hays
Gerry Hays
Founder & CEO at Doriot Markets, LLC
Really like the product! You are onto something really big. Keep up the great work! I hope to offer a great case study for your product!
Nov 17, 2022
Lucas Gil Cantón
Lucas Gil Cantón
Leading Strategy at @growyourbase
Thanks for creating EarlyBird, looks great. I've been trying to find a go-to landing page builder forever and this seems like it could be it.
Sep 13, 2022

Our Mission

Hi everyone,

I’m Luo, the founder of EarlyBird.

I have been an entrepreneur for a long time and have learned from my own mistakes. And I want to use my experiences to help others avoid making the same mistakes.

Starting a business is exciting, but it can also be challenging. You are already ahead of many people if you have a good idea.

However, more is needed - you need the determination to test and validate your idea in the market.

And I have seen too many similar failures, including my own, where I had an idea, bought a domain name, and even hired developers to create what I thought was the perfect product, then built something, only to find out after it that there was no demand for it. I have wasted a lot of time, effort, and money.

These life experiences led me to build EarlyBird.

With EarlyBird, it is easy for anyone to validate their idea, and you don't need coding skills. You can create a beautiful landing page in just 10 minutes, add a conversion action block, and you are ready to attract potential customers.

If any of them show interest in your idea and are willing to pay, it's a sign that your concept is successful. Well done on completing the idea validation process!

I hope EarlyBird helps you succeed in the next stage of your journey.

Wishing you all the best!

Signature by EarlyBird founder

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