Product Changelog: Week 4, Dec, 2022

Dec Week 4 Update: New themes and features including video embed, FAQ block, Sendy integration.

Product Changelog: Week 4, Dec, 2022

We hope that everyone had a great week and that those on holiday are enjoying some well-deserved time off. It was a busy week for the EarlyBird team, as we worked hard to incorporate new features and make improvements based on feedback from our early access users.

And two days ago, we reached the 500 users milestone.

Here are four new updates we shipped this week for EarlyBird. Please test them and let us know what you think.

  1. Theme editor  — Pick a theme and customize your landing page.
  2. Embed video to Hero section  — Add video files from a direct source or YouTube/Video
  3. FAQ UI block — Let your customers make informed decisions.
  4. Sendy integration — Send the lead capture data to Sendy.

🎨 Theme editor

EarlyBird: Pick a theme and customize it.

Click the Design icon in the editor menu to reveal the Theme editor and settings. Here you can apply prebuilt themes or customize them according to your needs.

Click Customize to reveal the style customizer, where you can apply individual styles for the landing page, including Fonts, Heading, Content, Primary (hyperlinks and inputs), Button Background, Button Text, Border, and Background.

🎥 Embed video to the hero section

EarlyBird: Embed video in the hero section

Video can be a powerful tool for engaging visitors on a landing page.

And now, you can embed your promotional videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or a direct video source URL to the hero section. Click on the image upload placeholder to reveal a new tab called Embed Video. Here you can place a link to your video.

🤔 FAQ UI block

EarlyBird: New UI Block: FAQ

The FAQ block helps create a list of frequently asked questions and answers on your landing page. Now you can add it to your live editor from the dashboard menu.

Click + in dashboard menu, select FAQ, and it to the live editor. After that, you can start adding questions and answers.

📧 Sendy integration

EarlyBird: New Integration: Sendy

Now you can bring the EarlyBird lead capture data to Sendy.

Sendy (designed to work with Amazon SES) is a self-hosted email newsletter application that allows you to send email campaigns and newsletters to your subscribers.

It is available in the Integrate with apps section inside the product settings.

🫡 We welcome your feedback and feature requests.

Please reach out to us if you have any thoughts or suggestions on how we can make EarlyBird even better. Plus we are open to hearing about any new features or improvements you would like to see on our platform.

😃 We'd love to showcase your landing pages.

If you'd like to get featured on our website and social media, DM us your landing page URL. We'll curate, categorize, and showcase your landing page on our website and social media.

We want to address that we're extending the beta testing till next week. So expect more product updates and patches in the coming days.

That's all for now.

Once again, we're grateful for your continued use of EarlyBird, and we're excited to see what creative landing pages and business ideas you'll come up with in the future. Thank you for choosing our platform.

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