We're Pivoting: A Fresh Start for EarlyBird

Embracing change at EarlyBird: We're transitioning from a block-based system to a user-friendly template-based system with AI assistance, making landing page creation smoother and faster than ever before.

We're Pivoting: A Fresh Start for EarlyBird
Photo by Clemens van Lay / Unsplash

Every venture has its highs and lows, its moments of triumph and periods of learning. Here at EarlyBird, we believe that an essential part of growth is acknowledging where we fall short, and more importantly, taking active steps to improve. That's why we're opening up about a critical realization we've had about our block-based building process - it wasn't as smooth or intuitive as we hoped it would be.

The Problem with the Block-Based System

Our vision for EarlyBird has always been to provide a user-friendly platform that empowers everyone to bring their ideas to life, regardless of their technical skills. However, we've recognized that our block-based system might have been more of a hurdle than a help. The process of selecting blocks, filling in copy, and arranging illustrations was not as seamless or efficient as we intended.

The Pivot

But every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. As a small team of indie hackers, we have the flexibility and agility to pivot when we identify a better way forward. And that's precisely what we're doing. We're bidding farewell to our block-based system and embracing a new way of doing things that we believe will significantly enhance your experience.

Template-Based System and AI Assistance

In the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out a template-based system. Instead of wrestling with blocks, you'll be able to select a template that suits your needs and have half the work already done. But we're not stopping there. We're also introducing an AI helper that will generate copy and illustrations for you. Imagine having your landing page up and running faster than ever before, while you focus on what truly matters - your innovative ideas.

Inviting Your Input

As we navigate this transition, your thoughts and feedback are more valuable than ever. What kind of templates would you love to see in EarlyBird? Any specific industries or styles you're interested in? We're all ears. Your suggestions will shape our next steps and help us create a platform that truly serves your needs.

Onwards and Upwards

Change is the only constant, and we're embracing it with open arms. We're committed to making EarlyBird better, more user-friendly, and more efficient than ever before. Thank you for your patience and support as we embark on this journey of improvement. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please don't hesitate to reach out.

After all, we're all in this together. Here's to flying higher!