How to invite team members to collaborate

How to invite team members to collaborate

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you know that collaborating with creative team members can help you create better iterations of your landing pages. That's why EarlyBird offers a simple and effective way to invite team members to collaborate on your landing page. And this article will show how to invite team members to collaborate and edit your EarlyBird landing page.

Collaboration is a feature available for our SHIPPER tier users. If you are subscribed to other tiers, please upgrade today to use this feature.

Step 1: Access the "Team members" section

To invite team members to your EarlyBird landing page, visit your EarlyBird settings dashboard. In the sidebar on the left-hand side of the dashboard, you will see a "Team members" section. Click on this section to reveal the user interface for inviting team members.

Step 2: Invite team members

Add the email address of the team member and click "Send invitation." Alternatively, you can copy the "invite link" and share it with someone directly. This is useful if you want to invite team members outside of your organization or prefer to use a different method of communication, such as instant messaging or social media.

Step 3: Accepting the invitation

Once you have sent the invitation, the team member has seven days to accept it. If the team member does not have an EarlyBird account, they will be prompted to create one before accepting the invitation.

And once team member accept the invitation, they can collaborate and edit the particular product (landing page) from which you've generated the invite. They can also view analytics, lead capture data, and manage integrations of that landing page.

If you want to add the same team member to another product, switch to that product landing page and generate another invitation email or invite link.

Leaving the team

If a team member no longer needs access to your EarlyBird landing page, they can leave the team by tapping the "Leave" button in the "Team Members" section. This will permanently remove their access to the landing pages.

Simply put, inviting team members to your EarlyBird landing page is a simple process that can help you collaborate and create a better landing page for your business. So invite your team members today to help you optimize your landing page and drive more conversions for your business.

Now go on and start building awesome landing pages!