Cashing in on the Commonplace: 7 Boring but Profitable Business in 2024

Discover profitable "boring" businesses! These seven ventures defy the AI hype, showing you can make a fortune in unassuming ways in 2023.

Cashing in on the Commonplace: 7 Boring but Profitable Business in 2024
Cashing in on the Commonplace: 7 Boring but Profitable Business in 2024

Hop on board the no-hype express to the often overlooked realm of "boring" businesses, the unsung heroes quietly outperforming their flashy counterparts. As we make our way into 2024, we're swapping the blinding limelight of tech unicorns for the subtly glowing reliability of 'boring' ventures.

'Boring' business, you might ask? Picture this: It's not your mind-numbing Monday meeting or Aunt Martha's endless slideshow of her cat's vacation. These 'boring' ventures are steadfast, frequently underestimated, and operate in markets as reliable as a Swiss watch. They may lack the glitz and glam of the latest AI startups, but they offer something much more captivating: consistent demand, minimal competition, and the allure of steady revenue.

Strap in for a journey off the beaten path. This article introduces you to 7 tantalizingly 'boring', yet shockingly profitable business ideas that solopreneurs can tap into in 2024. From modest home services to sturdy online ventures, these ideas prove that profitable businesses can thrive away from the mainstream chaos. Fasten your seat belts and prepare for a pleasant surprise. You might just stumble upon your next gold mine amidst these humble, unpretentious ventures. No need for a pickaxe, just a keen entrepreneurial spirit. Let's dive in!


NsLookup by Ruurtjan

Forget about the sparkling unicorns of the tech world for a moment and let's talk about As interesting as the name sounds (cue the sarcastic tone), this platform is all about inspecting the configuration of domain names.

It's a tool born from the genius of a single Dutch developer Ruurtjan, who saw an opportunity in a seemingly dry and overlooked niche. Let's face it, domain configuration inspection doesn't exactly make for thrilling dinner party conversation. Yet, it turns out this developer was onto something. Something quite profitable, as it were.

NsLookup serves around 400K visitors per month

Here's where things get exciting, or shocking, depending on your perspective. This seemingly humdrum platform has managed to achieve a steady $2,000 MRR, simply by running ads! And it achieved this feat in a mere 2.5 years.

Sure, it's not the next Uber or Airbnb, but in its own low-key way, is a testament to the fact that even the most mundane ideas can turn into a profitable venture. It's a story about looking beyond the flashy trends, and finding value (and profit) in the unlikeliest of places.


Enter Pinboard, a straightforward, small-scale bookmarking site. While it may sound mundane at first glance, don't be fooled by the simplicity of its concept.

Pinboard, a straightforward, small-scale bookmarking site

Pinboard is the work of a single developer, employing only the most basic of tech stacks, PHP and MySQL. Despite the minimalistic setup, this one-man operation is far from being just a modest project. The numbers tell a different story: Pinboard pulls in around $200k a year.

Pinboard pulls in around $200k a year

This is a shining testament to the fact that "boring" businesses can yield significant returns. Pinboard took a simple, often overlooked aspect of internet browsing, and turned it into a viable, profitable business. It's the ultimate proof that you don't always need a ground-breaking, never-seen-before idea to make a mark in the digital world.

Take the case of This HTML to PDF conversion platform is the brainchild of a single developer, Cyril N., who founded it on May 22, 2018. The idea is as simple as they come - turn web documents into PDFs. Yet, the result is a powerful tool that has transformed the lives of countless users who need their digital content in a universally accepted format.

Just because an idea seems "boring" on the surface, doesn't mean it's not capable of generating profit. In fact, an is a perfect example of this. Cyril took a basic need, created a straightforward solution, and now enjoys an MRR of $7.1k. now enjoys an MRR of $7.1K

We're accustomed to envisioning games as massive, intricate worlds that need armies of developers to maintain. Let's challenge that assumption with our next case: This one-page free Wordle clone game was built as a side project by a solo developer. It's a textbook example of what a developer can achieve with simplicity, creativity, and a dash of boredom.

What's special about isn't just its simplicity, but the fact that it needs zero maintenance. Yes, you read that right. This game doesn't need constant updates or bug fixes. It just exists, users play it, and revenue pours in.

Now, if you're envisioning a Scrooge McDuck style money bin, let's dial it back. The game generates around $2000 a month through ad clicks. Yet, considering the one-time effort and the fact that it continues to earn without demanding the developer's time, it's an amazing feat. The beauty of lies in its simplicity and the surprising profitability of such a "boring" concept. Who knew turning words into profits could be this literal?

Traffic analytics for

Fix My Speakers

There's a niche for everything on the internet, and our next idea thrives on this principle., as the name suggests, is a one-man project that helps remove water from your phone speakers after an unfortunate dip. You might think, "Who needs this?" Well, apparently a lot of people with waterlogged speakers.

Fix My Speakers

The genius behind this site is that it solves a common and frustrating problem that most people would otherwise ignore or seek professional help for. But why bother when you can visit this site and fix the problem in minutes? The simplicity and utility of this idea can't be overstated.

In terms of profitability, is cleaning up. The site is making waves with an impressive $5k MRR from display ads. Now, this may not be enough to buy a yacht, but remember, it's a single-function site that requires virtually no maintenance.

So, the next time your phone takes an unplanned swim, remember You'll not only save your speakers but also contribute to one of the smartest 'boring' business ventures on the web.


In the world of fancy apps and complex software, stands out with its humbleness. This straightforward, online archiving tool may not be winning any design awards, but it's certainly winning over users. Boasting a hefty 1 million visits per month, this site is a testament to the power of simplicity.

EasyZip is boasting a hefty 1 million visits per month essentially compresses and decompresses files. That's it. No bells or whistles, just a reliable tool that does what it promises. You could argue that there are plenty of other zip tools out there, so why would this one succeed? Well, my friend, because it's online, free, and ridiculously easy to use. There's beauty in simplicity, and embodies this principle.

The brains behind have really hit the jackpot. With ad clicks being the primary revenue source, they're making a comfortable living off this simple tool. And why wouldn't they? Every time someone zips or unzips a file, the creator hears the sweet sound of digital coins dropping into their virtual piggy bank.

So next time you need to compress a file, remember You'll not only get your job done quickly and effortlessly, but you'll also be supporting a solopreneur's dream. Talk about a win-win.


With the many flamboyant and colorful digital platforms out there, might seem like the proverbial wallflower at the party. But let me tell you, this seemingly plain Jane of a site is no slouch in the financial department. Its creator probably has the last laugh all the way to the bank, raking in a staggering $6.4 million a year. That's right. And how do they do it? Just by counting words.

Word Counter analytics doesn't bother with the jazz and glitter. No, it focuses on one thing and one thing only - counting words. Writers, students, and professionals flock to this digital counter when they need to make sure their word count is in check. Be it an essay, an article, or a report, is the trusted aide always ready to serve.

There's something to be said about not reinventing the wheel. didn't need a venture capitalist or funding to become the powerhouse it is today. All it needed was an ingenious idea, a practical application, and the good old revenue models - advertising and premium subscriptions.

Remember when your parents told you, "nothing comes free in life?" is here to debunk that parental wisdom. Built on the fascination of discovering new startups and online businesses, this free weekly newsletter reveals real-life examples of profitable ventures, showcasing the dizzying ways of minting money online. What's the catch, you ask? The answer is – there is none!

This one-man show got off the ground with a basic website on Webflow, and a belief that Twitter could be his golden goose. And boy, was he right! Within a couple of days, the first 50 subscribers flocked in, setting the stage for an inspiring growth story. Imagine going from zero to 1,000 subscribers in 30 days. Now, hold that thought and add another 9,000 subscribers over the next six months. Yes, that happened!

The charm of lies not just in its interesting content but also in the seemingly ordinary tech stack that powers it. Webflow for the website, Substack for the newsletter, and Tally forms for managing startup submissions – simplicity at its finest.

The big takeaways? You don't need a colossal audience to run a successful newsletter. Building an audience before a product isn't the holy grail. And overnight successes are as rare as unicorns. It's all about consistency, determination, and the audacity to promote your product unabashedly every single day.

So, here's to, a shining example of how a "boring" free newsletter can become a profitable venture in just 7 months. Who knew that sharing examples of successful online businesses could lead to becoming one!


And there you have it, folks! Seven seemingly "boring" businesses that are silently laughing their way to the bank, proving you don't have to chase the AI dream or create the next tech sensation to succeed. They may not be stirring up Silicon Valley, but they're nailing the financial game, providing their creators with a steady income and, in some cases, a life-changing fortune.

Each of these businesses began as a simple, unassuming idea, nurtured with dedication, consistent effort, and a dose of clever self-promotion. So, the next time you think about launching a side project or a full-blown business, remember: It doesn't have to be on the cutting edge of technology or trending on Twitter. Sometimes, it's the most "ordinary" ideas that harbor extraordinary potential.

So here's to the "boring" business revolution of 2024. Forget AI; long live the simple, the reliable, and the lucratively "bland"!

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